The Surprisingly High Net Worth of Kylian Mbappe

The Surprisingly High Net Worth of Kylian Mbappe

Kylian Mbappe was an unknown French teenager until just over a year ago, when he suddenly burst onto the soccer scene and became one of the world’s most promising young players. Since his debut in early 2016, the 19-year-old Mbappe has risen to national fame in France and led his team to the 2017 FIFA Confederations Cup finals before becoming one of the youngest players to ever play for the French National Team.

The Surprisingly High Net Worth of Kylian Mbappe

Kylian Mbappe estimated net worth

$50 Million. Kylian Mbappe is one of France’s youngest soccer players, and he just signed a new contract with PSG. His current net worth is $50 million but will likely double in size as his endorsement deals continue to roll in. We estimate that his total net worth will reach about $75 million by 2020—and possibly more if PSG retains its winning record. Read on to learn more about how he earned all of his wealth.

What endorsement deals does he have?

Though he’s only 19 years old, Kylian Mbappé is already a soccer star. The French teenager scored his first goal for Paris Saint-Germain on August 13 in their 4–0 win over Toulouse FC and is already one of Europe’s top players. The professional soccer player also made headlines when he signed with Adidas. However, what makes Mbappé even more impressive isn’t just his soccer skills and his growing net worth. How much does he make? And where does it come from? To determine how much Mbappé earns through endorsements and other ventures, let’s determine how much he makes annually.

What is the release clause in his PSG contract?

Kylian Mbappé’s contract with Paris Saint-Germain has a valid release clause until he turns 18. If a club were to activate it, they would have to pay 222 million euros. However, there are reasons why such an enormous transfer amount won’t happen. First off, PSG will not let their star player go for any less than his release clause. More importantly, UEFA regulations forbid clubs from spending more than 30% of their revenue on transfers and wages combined. For PSG in 2017/18 (the season after Mbappe joined), revenues amounted to 554 million euros—meaning that they could only spend 184 million on transfers and wages combined without breaking UEFA rules.

How much does he earn from sponsorship deals?

It’s no secret that soccer players earn a lot from endorsement deals. This can sometimes be more lucrative than their salaries, depending on how many brands they partner with and how well their social media following performs. For instance, Cristiano Ronaldo earns an estimated $43 million yearly salary and endorsements, while Messi pulls in $80 million in total earnings. However, these two giants of soccer pale compared to NBA star LeBron James who earns roughly $85 million annually off the court with his endorsement deals alone. If you ask us, that’s what it takes to make it onto Forbes’s highest-paid athletes’ list! While plenty of celebrities are making bank off sponsorships, we were surprised to learn just how much some young rising stars like Kylian Mbappe earn through sponsorships. The 19-year-old French player currently has seven different sponsorship deals in place, including Nike and EA Sports—and he makes an estimated $3 million per year from them! Not bad for someone who hasn’t played a game yet for PSG (he signed with them last summer). While we expect his net worth to grow significantly over time as he continues to play at such a high level, it will likely never reach those heights earned by Ronaldo or Messi.

His most expensive car

The car he currently drives is a custom-made red Lamborghini. The supercar has a 6.5-liter V12 engine, making it one of the fastest cars. He bought it for about $850,000, which is about $50,000 more than most people earn in their lifetime (excluding athletes). In other words: Kylian can afford it.

A summary of his career earnings so far

In 2013, 16-year-old Mbappé signed his first professional contract with AS Bondy in Paris. That year, he made his debut on France’s U17 national team and scored 13 goals over 11 games. He also signed a five-year deal with Monaco. In 2014, he made $4 million for that season alone. In 2015, at age 17, he was loaned to AS Monaco to play in Ligue 1 and netted 14 goals that season—more than any other player under 20 years old that year. As part of a contingency plan after Financial Fair Play sanctions were placed on Monaco in 2016, Mbappé was transferred to PSG for an initial €35 million fee which could rise to €160 million depending on bonuses and performances.

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