How Much is David Beckham Worth?

How Much is David Beckham Worth?

David Beckham is an English football legend and former captain of the English national team, as well as Manchester United and Real Madrid’s main midfielder, among many other titles and honours. He has been considered one of the best football players in the world over his career, with more than 115 million followers on Instagram alone. While Beckham isn’t currently playing professionally (he retired in 2013), his net worth continues to climb, with an estimated $450 million in assets. Here’s how much David Beckham is worth—and how he makes his money!

David Beckham to earn 175 million euros as face of 2022 Qatar World Cup |  Marca

His Early Days

Born in Leytonstone, London, on May 2, 1975, to parents Ted and Sandra Westwood. They divorced when he was young. Married Victoria Adams on July 4, 1999, at Luttrellstown Castle in Ireland. His wife gave birth to Brooklyn Joseph (born March 4, 1999), Romeo James (born September 1, 2002) and Cruz David (born February 20, 2005). He joined Manchester United in 1992 as a trainee and went on to play for Preston North End from 1995-to 96. His nickname is Golden Balls because of his high level of success with women. He retired from football in 2013 after a career that spanned over 20 years playing for teams like Manchester United, Real Madrid and LA Galaxy.

Becoming an International Star

Becoming a professional footballer takes much more than talent alone. It takes hard work, determination and, of course, dedication. In many ways, becoming a superstar athlete can be compared to being an entrepreneur. Both sports stars and entrepreneurs have to be willing to put in a lot of hard work and spend much of their time practising their skills. Becoming an international star like David Beckham, however, is obviously not something that happens overnight but instead requires dedication, persistence and a great deal of skill both on and off the field. Becoming an international football legend has been achieved by very few people in history, and only those who are dedicated to their craft will ever get close to achieving such a feat.

Becoming a Brand Ambassador

If you’re a popular figure, brand ambassador deals could be a viable source of income. These can include promoting products or services by lending your name to ad campaigns or writing endorsements for companies, and appearing in promotional materials like ads and posters. The pay for these sorts of opportunities varies widely depending on what sort of work is involved and who you are, but it’s worth researching an individual company before making any decisions. For example, you might be asked to appear at events or talk about specific topics that fit with your expertise, as well as promote their products online. Depending on how big your audience is, you may even make enough money doing something like that alone—and then there’s always the possibility of getting paid more if things really take off!

Owning Soccer Teams

Becoming a part-owner of a soccer team can make you filthy rich. This may seem impossible, but it’s not: Becoming an owner of a sports team can be surprisingly easy and rewarding. For a few million dollars, you can be on your way to acquiring small percentage stakes in professional soccer teams around the world. Some owners even get to call themselves principal partners or major shareholders. It all depends on how much money you have to invest.

Opening Businesses (Brooklyn & Haig Club Rum)

The Haig Club brand has expanded to more than 20 markets worldwide. In addition to his endorsement, in 2007, he released a signature fragrance line with Coty, Inc., worth more than $1 million per year in royalties. In late 2008 and early 2009, sales of his two sons’ popular clothing lines peaked at over $50 million in annual sales. On top of that, sales from his underwear line (H&M) are estimated to bring him another $10-15 million per year. Add on top of that his income from endorsements with Adidas, Gillette, PepsiCo and others, as well as money made off books like 2010’s David Beckham: Both Feet on the Ground ($7.5 million), and you, have one very rich soccer player.


As of December 2016, Beckham’s net worth was estimated at $350 million, according to a recent report. The bulk of his wealth comes from endorsements with brands like Adidas and H&M; he’s also leveraged lucrative deals with Sky Sports and Samsung in his native England. But Beckham has also seen success on screen: In 2013, he became a minority owner of an MLS franchise and signed on as manager for several seasons.


$350 million (Forbes) – How much of that $350 million is from football and how much from his numerous endorsement deals with companies such as Armani, H&M, or from his underwear line. Only Mr Beckham knows for sure. However, it’s safe to say he has made a lot of money in his career so far. But what about his wife, Victoria? The couple has been married since 1999 and has four children together: Brooklyn Joseph, Romeo James, Cruz David, and Harper Seven. She is also a successful fashion designer, and she even has her own net worth estimated at $50 million. So let’s add up their net worth together: $400 million!

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