How I Did the Impossible: Scoring 5 Goals In 5 Minutes

How I Did the Impossible: Scoring 5 Goals In 5 Minutes

For the average soccer player, scoring 5 goals in 5 minutes seems nearly impossible to achieve. For me, however, it was just another day on the field. Today I’m going to walk you through how I did it and show you how you can score 5 goals in 5 minutes as well! While I’ve only ever managed this once in my life, these tips will apply to any sport and with enough practice, you’ll be able to accomplish the same results no matter what your specific skills are! So let’s get started!

My Background

Before getting into how I scored five goals in five minutes, it’s important to know a little bit about me. As an attacking midfielder, my job is to create and score goals. You wouldn’t think that anyone could score five goals on a team of amateurs, let alone do it in just over 10 minutes. Let me tell you about my story. . . .

The Moment Before

There’s a moment before every big goal, where you have to tell yourself that everything is going to be okay. That you’re still alive, and you can succeed. This was my moment. For once in my life, I actually believed it. But then again, after what I just did, who wouldn’t?

The Approach

Some people say that my approach to scoring five goals in five minutes wasn’t sustainable. That’s true. It probably won’t happen again anytime soon. However, what they didn’t realize is that each of those goals was a key part of an overall strategy that put me far ahead at halftime and locked up my team’s win long before the final whistle blew.

My First Goal

My team had just scored, putting us into a tie with our opponents. We were playing best-of-three and needed to win to continue on to play for state championships. My coach called me over and told me that I would be going up against one of their best defenders. He told me to cut back as soon as we crossed midfield; my guy was too slow to catch up with my speed. The whistle blew, and my defender closed in on me quickly.

Second Goal, Game on now!

Before you know it, your team is winning. As soon as you cross that goal line and make it 2-0, take a breath. This is going to be easy! The crowd will roar its approval at every goal. Just relax and do what you know how to do best – scoring goals. Enjoy yourself, but stay focused on not letting up just yet. There’s more work to be done here! Let’s keep on working hard until we get another couple of goals under our belt!

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