How to Become a Footballer in South Africa: Tips to be a Pro

Football or soccer as many rather calls it has evolved into a lucrative profession. South Africans both young and old love the game of football and nowadays parents want their kids to become a footballer.

South Africa has produced many top players in the African continent and the world. Yes! The game of football has made many South African players international stars.

Many have a passion for the game and are looking to becoming a footballer in the country. There are many opportunities in the game, many play for the money while others for passion. Either way, both players for passion and the cash receive huge payment.

Become a Professional Footballer in South Africa

With the improvement that comes with the Twentieth century, becoming a footballer has been made easy. Interested and talented players could be scouted even without much effort.

1. Passion

Be talented
Midas Academy/Instagram.

To start with, players must have a strong desire for the game. Remember, many people are interested in the game of football and passion is what keeps the player going.

Many ended their pursuit for a career in football after they gave up along the way. Yes, it is not wrong to want to be a billionaire footballer like Cristiano Ronaldo. But putting money on the top of your priority list may not end well.

Even if you are a better player than Andile Mpisane, you need to be registered, scouted, and signed, it is not as easy. Passion will make you see it as fun not realizing what is challenging to others. 

2. Talent

Play with Passion
Bafana Bafana News/Instagram.

Though passion is an important factor having passion without talent may not help. You may want to build the basic skills in the game, they say “practice makes perfect”.

Watch football videos, train, and learn new skills. Like the English language, the game of football changes with time. Playing like a soccer player in the early 90s will not help in the twentieth century.

Talent is the lubricant while passion is the driving force. The two are like bread and butter, to enjoy one you need the other. Footballers have been able to build their skills in the game through constant practice.

3. Perseverance

Determined player
Bafana Bafana News/Instagram.

Many newbies in the world of soccer are spotted faster while others may delay. Though there are contributing factors to this, a footballer should learn to not give up.

Many big names in the world of soccer hail from a humble beginning. With perseverance, they managed to be a household name in what they do.

Often, there is a cross before a crown, quitting would leave you with only one choice, start again in a new career. To be a successful player in the South African football scene, you will need this basic ingredient. 

4. Join an Academy

Join an academy
Midas Academy/Instagram.

Football academies have made it easy for football lovers and those that want to make a profession of it. An academy is simply an established facility that primarily aims at developing young players.

Joining an academy would give you the exposure and opportunity to learn from experienced tutors. Players who attend football academies often raise to fame easier than those that didn’t.

Most big clubs have a soccer academy, joining them would give the talented youngster an opportunity to be spotted fast. Players in an academy train on how to be a professional player and play on the internationally recognized standard.

5. Sign a Contract

This is where many players place their focus ignoring the earlier mentioned requirements. No manager would want to sign an incompetent player to his football team. To get a good contract, players must be skilled. 

Talented players who could fill in a weak position in the team are spotted by scouts and reported to the manager. After series of follow-ups then they decide either to sign the player or not.

6. Start as a Youngster

Young Player
Andile Mpisane/Instagram.

Starting your football career at a young age would help a lot but is not necessary. Players who begin training at a very young age are expected to perform better than those that started in their youth.

Let’s say, a player joined an academy when he was 9 and has ten years of training at the age of 19 and another who started at the age of 21 and has ten years of training. The younger is expected to perform better since age is on his side.

7. Knowledge

This is also an important one, know about the sport. Research on the sport and learn all you can about soccer. Resources are on the net, books are available, and helpful videos are at arms reach to guide young players to know about the game.

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